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Whether your photographic memories are prints or slides, we can scan and preserve those moments for you. Bulk scanning (shoebox scanning) is also available. If you are looking to save your memories or downsize space, don’t risk losing photos by having them scanned to digital media. Talk to us about the scanning options available to meet your needs.

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Scan From:


1-149 - $1.50/Slide

150+  - 75¢/Slide

35mm Negative

1-149 - $1.50/Frame

150+  - 75¢/Frame

Other Negative/Positive

(IE. 110, 120, 4x5 ect.)

1+ - $1.50/Frame

Prints up to 8x12

 1-49    75¢/Print

 50-99 49¢/Print

 100+   35¢/Print

 Gatherbox - $199.99 Purchase a gatherbox from our store and                                                                                                                                                                                           

                                                 fill it with all your photos for a flat fee.

                                                  (Approx. 1000 prints)

Prints Larger than 8x12 up to 16x20

1+ $14.99

Prints Larger than 16x20

1+ $29.99

Scan To:

Online Album @ Images)

CD - $8.00(Approx. 200 Images)

DVD - $16.00(Approx. 1500 Images)

USB(16GB) - $22.99(Approx. 8000 Images)

Email - $5.00(Max. 5 Images)